Juxtapositions of words

Month: June, 2016

That Obscure Desire of Resignation




They run over every surface

trace all kinds of shapes

and though

tempted by sharp and pointy edges

they resist

and instead

they dive deep down

in the soft, white heaps of flour

dig into fine, warm fur

linger for a second or two

in sweet, sticky droplets

of spilled wine


in splashes of cold water

and slip

on bars of lemon scented soap.

They slide

inside pockets

to fidget with ice cold keys

rub apart crumbled receipts

and tap dance on tabletops.

But after switching off the lights

they travel

back in


to caress with dark air

the shivering, warm skin

now displayed and contained

behind stained glass walls

cut by diamond razor tongues

and firm, friendly handshakes.


Each moment

has a space before

its own


These spaces

occupy most of a life

but we don’t

pay attention to them

our focus

blinded by itself

like in a photograph


all that matters is the cake

with bright, pink frosting:

everything in the background

is blurred out

into the kind of nothing


moving bodies become irrelevant.

These spaces

aren’t empty

aren’t like the ones

you’re reading

between the lines

aren’t here now

aren’t ours

aren’t anything

aren’t nothing.

They exist

in exits

in transits

in between

your hand reaching

and its reflection

appearing as a shadow

on the wall

behind you

as you




Isn’t it?

Isn't it